Does he like me or is it just a sex thing?

I know obviously to some extent only time will tell.

2 years ago we dated, my ex's dad died, and I got back together with him stupidly. He became in a relationship with someone else. After I was single we started hooking up once a month, he's busy a lot (sometimes cuddle). It didn't seem to be clear thar he wanted more, and his ex tagged him in something so I thought they were still together. I started dating and became in a relationship. (This brings us up to about 6 months ago).

He hit me up, and I told him I had a boyfriend. That's how I found out he wanted more. "I don't sleep with people if I don't feel a connection or see potential for more." About a month later my relationship was over. I messaged him a month after that, and he didn't answer. His ex tagged him in something again. I accused him of never actually caring and still having a girlfriend. He called and basically said this:

"She wants to work things out, but I don't. I did feel that way about you, but now I don't. Etc." I didn't mention being single obviously.

We started talking again. And we met up, talked. Contact started small, originally he was on the other couch but moved next to me, brushing arms. We'd been drinking and went to his room, we lightly bumped hands and started holding them lightly, stroking fingers. Then he said we should do something else because the movie was boring. I asked what, he said make out, I said okay. Then boom, like magnets. We didn't cuddle, but I stayed over and when I left it seemed like he wanted me to stay. The night before he talked about meeting up this next week.

I'm not sure if he still has feelings and that's why it happened, or if I should believe that he didn't feel that way anymore (3 months ago).

Bonus; Next time we hang out, is there a way to tell?


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  • He wants sex thing and can't forget you, but doesn't love you.

    • He and I never got far in dating so we never got to the love thing.

      Would he maybe want to try to work things out and try again?

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    • I do like him, or I would've not hooked up with him.

      What's the best way to ask what it means next time without freaking him out?

    • You like him and you are young, so do what you want to do. But if you are determined to keep this love offair, you will pay a lot and you will very tired. He doesn't love , there no reason and no answer of his freaking.

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  • He's probably as confused as you are.

    • Should I ask him what it is, or just see what happens?

      Or are there signs I can look for?

    • Ask him.