Am I considered a nice guy, or too insensitive, I don't know what's wrong with me?

I'm considered to be insensitive at times towards people particularly women. I'm not a real huge partier. I don't smoke or drink or anything, but I'm not a total drag. I love to go do many things and occasionally parties (o just don't involve the aforementioned) My problem is that I meet a lot of girls, all types, and I've been unsuccessful. I have confidence and are sure of myself and have no problems with talking to girls. In fact, I'm can be firm at times... Yet I still keep my values and treat people with respect. Suggestions?


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  • Definitely don't change being respectful (as that is an important part of you, and you should appreciate that part of yourself).
    Sometimes you have to be more direct and make it obvious if you are flirting or interested in someone.
    I have never dated in my life and this is because I can never tell if a guy is actually interested or not (in person). Guys online are more direct online for obvious reasons.

  • Do you flirt?

    • Yes. Not creepy like though. Once I make her smile (if possible) We continue to more stimulating discussions.

    • How about physically?

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