Why are people so stupid? do they not know a scam when they see it?

So there is this Muslim matrimonial site. Muslims dont "Date" in the western sense.. but the site is similar to dating because you do mingle with the opposite sex.
Every man and his momma has written a horrible review on this site! it is a scam!
the administrators post fake profiles and message guys. Guys are NOT allowed to read messages until they sign up for membership ($30 per month)
Once a guy signs up and reads the message.. these profiles dissappear!
if everyone and their momma knows these sites are a scam, why do guys still sign on?
What has to happen in your opinion for idiots to know that a site is a scam? do they have to be talking to jeffrey dahmer or what?


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  • Because most know about the Nigeria scam and there are still falling for it. There are people don't know and hope this is true. It's the same for Western dating sites, even bigger once. In the last months and continuing many big dating platforms were/are beeing closed by police for scamming males with female fake profiles (to get their money) which disappear once you pay or never answer or are just a bot answering. Through leaks and insider information it is known that it's a wonder if a platform has more than 1 real female user for more than 100 males.
    Some are just better at hiding the scam and it's hard to find evidence until you pay or even after you paid.


What Girls Said 2

  • Because they think it's not a scam?

    • One person I'm talking about is not a new member, he had a profile on there before?

    • Is isn't the brightest in the bunch then

  • scams a scam!

    • I forgot to add this person already had a profile on there that he deleted, this isn't a new member who knows nothing

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