Please give me your precious advice?

I have a friend, I told to her about my boyfriend and I said that he's so loyal and he can never ever cheat me, she said that she will made a plan to test him and my boyfriend don't know my that friend, then according to her plan she met my boyfriend and she did not have to do or say much just within seconds my boyfriend started flirting with her exchanged number with her and started talking romantically with her and she did not disclosed the truth to him to check him more that what will he do but his activities are continue. What should I do? He always said me that he even don't look at any girl not even any girl's pics and I'm the first and last girl of his life, but I have seen some love posts on his wall on fb dated before we met but I did not say anything to him about it because I thought that may be it's my misunderstanding and I don't wanted to hurt me. Now what should I do? Is he really a cheater and lier? For him I had even made decision to marry him against my parents wish but now should I believe him and continue my relation with him?

Sorry mistyped
That's *I don't wanted to hurt Him


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  • Women are so f*&ked. Like little pussies you play mind games, i hope he widens your pussy and leaves you


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  • he was already tested out. you doesn't deserve him. You should try listening to your friend but if you dont believe your friend then ask her to meet up with your boyfriend and you hide and see the result for yourself