Girlfriend never wants to hang out anymore, why?

So I ve been dating this girl for a couple months and am now very confused/concerned. I was friends with her for a few months before she told me she liked me and I told her I did too. For the first month of our more than friends relationship we hung out usually 3 or more times a week and everything was great. After that first month though we ve seen each other twice in a few weeks. We both have jobs so we are busy, but I ve texted her a few times to hang out and she s always busy or something. She seems happy to hear from me when I text her and she says she will let me know when she can hang but never does. I don t want to seem overbearing, but I really like her and miss hanging out with her. Is this kind of thing normal or should I assume she s not interested anymore?


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  • I believe, @Cc1234, if she really still 'Liked me,' she would make More effort on her own End to see you Again.
    Perhaps she has had time to think about just how Fast this Relationship was Going, and now that it's barely Flowing, she is Making up lame Duck Excuses for Not Hanging out. And she could have too Gotten a little Cold Duck Syndrome.
    Let her go, don't Ask her anymore. If she wants to Pencil you in, maybe you Should give her a Taste of her own Chickie Medicine and tell Her, "I have to check my schedule, I will get back to you."
    Good luck. xx

    • It may be easy for you to say let her go, but I still really like her and the thing is literally nothing happened to cause this. There was no fight or argument or anything, everything was normal. Don't you think I at least deserve some sort of explanation? I feel I do, and this is why I'm confused on what to do. I don't know if I should keep trying to get together with her or wait for her to contact me. I fear if I keep contacting her she'll think I'm overbearing but I also fear that if I don't she'll never contact me and I'll feel regret later.

    • I realize with all of your own tries, that you really do care. Yes, You sure do deserve a Good Explanation but I think her Lame excuses are Helpful Hints that "I'll call you, don't call me" for some Unknown reason to me why she is giving you the run around..
      If you have not gotten messages or even "Heys" from her, You are sadly Not on her own List of maybe Long Priorities. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • That rapid of a decline is rather abnormal.

    • What would you recommend I do about it? Its hard to figure out what's going on when I don't even see her to talk to her.

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    • Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking. I'm sort of scared to though because I don't want to come off as desperate or needy and I don't want to seem like a jerk if she really is super busy and honestly hasn't had the time. She super nice to me when we have been together and I really don't want to come off as mean and accidentally screw everything up if in fact there is something still there.

    • Well if you want to be delicate about it just state that you wish you could have at least two days a week together and that if she's too busy for a relationship that's okay too and just mutually release the knot.

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  • Life can be pretty busy. Most people who don't live together probably only hang once a week.

    • Yes I completely get that and I never expected that we'd continue to be together all the time. Its the fact that we went from 3 times a week minimum to basically almost never in a matter of a week that concerns me. Nothing happened during that time that would be a reason for either of us to end the relationship. Its like a switch flipped and it feels like she's forgotten that anything ever happened between us. That is why I don't know what to do because I don't want to ruin anything if she is really that busy but the lack of contact she's making with me gives me a bad feeling that maybe she's done.

    • Strange. Well, call instead of texting. Call when you know she wouldn't be working. And try to set up a date and clarify things. I don't know what else you could do.

  • She's most likely having sex with another man.