Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?

So a few months ago I caught my fiancé cheating on me. I'm the kind of person who likes to get back on his feet right after which all things considered I'm doing good. I'm just asking if anyone has ever felt like the struggle is pointless? I mean I'm far from depressed I just can't help but think I'm fighting an uphill battle without a weapon. So I can't help but be drawn to these hopeless thoughts. I lay here late at night with different scenarios and thoughts running through my mind writing heartfelt lyrics then crumbling everything I wrote because right now is not the time. So has anyone else ever gone through this? I mean I know "buck up" and "keep your head held high" and all that but still. I'm just curious.


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  • Feelings are pretty transient. You should allow yourself to feel the sadness and heartbreak, you don't have to be fine straight away. Just know that it won't last forever. You will probably go through worse stuff in the future and look back on this time as an easy ride. You will also definitely be happy and content again!
    Keep writing, because the best thing to do with negative emotions is create something beautiful out of them.


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  • No. Because I don't suffer misfortunes.

    • Then why did you even reply if your life is so perfect?

    • Because you asked a question that I can legitimately answer even if it is just due to the fact that my life is better.