Why do guys do this and does he regret it?

Ok trying to keep this short. Seeing a guy for about 3 weeks, he messaged me most days, met his friends, planned stuff for next month etc.

We arranged our 3rd date for today, but he stood me up.

I deleted him, then he sent a pathetic one line message saying sorry, with a bullshit excuse.

Now I get that by standing me up he was dumping me, but why apologise, and why not even do it properly, grovel etc?

Does he regret it or something? Surely he knows he's blown it now?

Anyone else got an opinion? It's the apology that has me confused.
Would love to hear more on this please :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Just trying to save face I guess. Oh well. No worries. Does he regret it? Maybe but probably not.

    • Thanks, still don't get why as it's not like he's going to see me again.

  • I think he is a good guy. I liked his attitude in this story.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he felt guilty about it.

    • Thanks, makes me wonder why he'd do it in the first place! Surely it's easier to just tell someone you're not interested!