Need advice.. going crazy here?

In the military n matched with this girl on tinder from back home. Started speaking to her 3 months ago when I went to America I'm back next week.. been chatting to her everyday via text and everyother day via facetime. Everything was going perfect getting to know her etc.. 2 weeks ago I had a shit day at work and I was proper missing home and my mates, she was just texting me off like 1 word responses. She'd gone from saying stuff like i can't wait for u to get home and all that to stuff like I'm not gonna put all my eggs in 1 basket etc.. I said ok fair enough well let's leave it and if your still single when I'm back we can meet up but if ur dating now I don't really want to get my hopes up to come back and u say your seeing someone else! (I came across as needy I agree which pissed her off) I sent her a text saying I'm sorry I had a shit day at work missing friends family etc.. she just said I'm insecure and paranoid. Again I apologised and said I'd been a bit of a dick. I said I'm still looking forward to seeing her she said me too. This is where I proper messed up.. I went out sent her a text saying I know iv pissed you off I miss chatting to you!. She didn't respond so today I messaged her again saying 'hope your having a good weekend, when is best for you Fri or sat next week when I'm back'. She's read it and not responded at all... I know I came across as needy and things but speaking for nearly 4months and she's just gone to ignoring me is doing my head in.. she doesn't owe me anything as iv not even met her which makes me feel even more pathetic!! But speaking for nearly 4 months n she's gone cold is making me feel crap! I know I need to man up and I have other options but iv got to know this girl very well and was sooo looking forward to meeting her! What should I do?


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  • Mmmm. Why has she gone cold on you!! You were sharing your thoughts with her. She could have said sorry for short replied really busy at the moment get back to you. If she is not responding you just have to move on from it. If she been 'busy' with her life fair enough but she should say.

    • Exactly I know she's sensitive and been hurt before!. I did come across like a dick in the texts.. if it was a girl who'd I'd only spoke to for like a couple of weeks fair enough but 4 months 😮. I messaged her on snapchat and she has opened it and viewed my story so I dunno why she's not replied it's proper frustrating me 🤐

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    • Oh and the last time she replied was last Tuesday when I said you seem to be backing off and I don't want you to... she said well it's you that's twisting my words making out its me when it is you.. seems crazy the message I sent her about her not being interested anymore was like 3 weeks ago! ..

    • I think you will have to leave it... if she is interested she will come back to you.

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