Saw an old friend help please?

Today I saw a guy that I used to have a thing for, and he had a think for me to. I know because, well everyone knew. We never dated or didn't any type of sexual act lol Well long story short is that I am in school and I have my own place by the school, about an hour and a half from back home. He still works at my old job and has this tendency to make it a point to talk to me before I leave. He stopped me dead in my tracks today to tell me that I looked pretty, in front of my mom and brother! Last time I was home and we were talking, I tried to really keep my distance because I do not stay at home long, and I know neither one of us want anything like that. Now we have each others number and he never texted me back the last time we talked. But when I see him he can't and won't look away from me, and pretty much ignores everyone else when I'm there. I know I'm not there often, but still. Can someone help me define this confusing behavior?

Is it okay for e to ask him out?


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  • It's not hard to figure that out. He's attracted to you.

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