Feelings for a one night stand, what can I do?

I know, I was stupid, because I knew I was gonna feel this way and did it anyways.

I know this guy from festivals and events but he lives far away so I don't get to see him outside of those. He's absolutely gorgeous and shares my lame ass sense of humor.

We flirted a lot the first few times, kissed by a campfire later and this week he was suddenly at a party in my city. We talked, danced, kissed more and before I knew it I decided to ask him to come home with me.
It was lovely, we cuddled all night and he just kept smiling and looking at me with those dreamy eyes for what felt like hours.

He still lives far away though and afterwards he was very casual about it. A bit awkward even, and friendly instead of romantic. I can't help the fact that Im falling hard for this guy though.

How can I get him out of my head soon? I don't want a rebound, this was a slutty enough thing to do already. Or should I hang on, don't give up hope?
Any suggestions as to a non-creepy way of asking for his phone number via fb?


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  • Get over it and move on. Learn from it


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  • I dont get it if you got laid or not. and if this is the reason you feel weird or if the reason is you fell in love with the guy.

    • I got laid, but I also fell in love while I think he saw it as casual sex

  • It was not a slutty thing to do.
    However, it was a really harmful thing for you. You shouldn't have done it. Oh well, it's done now.
    You can only get him out of your head if you avoid contacting him/seeing him often.