When a girl doesn't respond to you since you texted her too late?

I don't talk to this girl much, but I messaged her hey and then how are you a little later, but I think I sent it too late and now she normally doesn't respond the next day. What do I say because I last said how are you last night?


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  • she's proably just busy and will get back to u when she's available. :) When you say u text her back late, do mean she texted you & you texted her 3 days later or she text u in the morning & u texted her at night?

    • Well I guess I shouldn't say I'm texting her, it's more like messaging her on Twitter (I do know her in real life) and I mean that I messaged her too late last night for her to reply last night

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    • No but I was thinking of saying something along the lines of "do I at all bother you when I send lackluster and unimportant messages?" Or should I say something else? I know she'll reply as she has before.

    • No don't say that cuz that sounds like ur picking a fight. I say just let her come to u, when she wants to hit u up, she will text u. If u keep texting her, u will just come off pushy. Give her another day or 2, If she doesn't get back to u, then send her a text to saying hi & how are u. If she doesn't get back to u, then move on. :)

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  • Just wait. If she is interested she won't forget to text you back. If you seem insecure and text her again without her responding the first time it shows you are "desperate"/have no patients.
    And if she doesn't text you back, there's a good chance she doesn't want to date you or anything so she's trying to forget you even contacted her.