What level of not texting is tolerable during first few dates?

I'm seeing someone, 3x now, made out 2x, in a period of less than 2 weeks. Went down on him both times. All weekdays. Weekends he maintains to be his sleeping/resting time, which includes not messaging me. Is this ok? Am I blind to not see he only wants the physical part? If he is really interested in ME shouldn't messaging me and talking to me be simple and not a chore?


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  • Wow and this early on too. No that just looks and sounds wrong. It would appear that this is just something that only works for him

  • Be careful he might be busy with other girls on the weekends especially if you aren't " in a relationship" its like f-boy mentality even I have it a little that its okay to sleep around if you aren't exclusive. Also give the guy some space don't smother him, that's annoying

    • Is messaging once a day smothering? Hehe

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