Is he afraid?

My date stood me up last Saturday and still hasn't apologized and hasn't given me an explanation whatsoever. He confirmed the date the night before then all of a sudden he never showed up. I had to text him to ask him "are we still going out?" he text me back saying "he can't tonight" That was it! Today is Monday and I have not seen him. I was on facebook today and he was online and did not even approach me. Nothing! What is wrong with him? Is he afraid to confront me? Why is he avoiding me?

The night before our "date" we talked and he said he really liked me and wants to take me to Washington DC next month! He was really looking forward to our date!

WTF is wrong with him? I don't get him! Can somebody figure this out for me because by brain is toasted from thinking so much!

He was supposed to pick me up at 8:00pm. I was all ready for him with my dress, hair down, perfect makeup and everything. I text him at 8:35. I was really hurt and I felt like crying!


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  • I haven no clue why hun. I'm very very sorry. And I hate to say this, but it's done and over. You deserve a much better guy. I have no clue why guys and girls pull this crap. But as far as figuring it out, who knows? I have had girls do similar things to me. And I never really found out why. It's just best to move on, and realize that you don't deserve a jerk like that.


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  • Sometimes really serious things come up, its not you, like a month ago the same thing came up, but it was because his grandpa dies. It could of been an argument of anything. Guys sometimes don't express there emotions and don't want to feel like a wimp in front of girls :P

    just go up to him and make sure nothing happened and that everythings okay.