How would you react?

Lets think there is someone you like but you cut your communication off just because you think it never works because of distance and becoming closer with her/him hurts you a lot..
Now if this girl/guy did appear on your door, how would you react?


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  • I would be so happy that I wouldn't believe it is true. . .

  • I'd be shocked and break down. I have a feeling this is going to happen to me. Because I'm moving in October and this guy kept distance from me because he knew I was going to move away soon. And it just drives me crazy. How do I know that was the reason he's keeping away. Because the last time I talked with him, which was last month, he asked me "when are you going to move?" Then goes on to ask "can't you just stay?" Then he says "what am I going to do without you? " Then he walked away. And started avoiding me.
    I'm scared to bump into him in the future, cause I feel like I'll just break down.

    • Same happened here girl and I'm still blaming myself but dunno the real reason of his disappearance.. Ah all those please stay, what am I going to do without you words I also heard them but.. uh-uh

    • I know right. I don't see why would it be a problem tho you know? I feel like distance is nothing, as long as you love eachother. Plus I'm only moving 40 mins away. It's really annoying, but whatever. Good luck to you!