When/how/do I dtr?

So this guy I've been on a couple dates with and known for a long time is currently at work camp with a church group in Puerto Rico. My friend told me I need to define the relationship now, so he doesn't think he can do anything he wants. I kinda tried to delicately and jokingly bring the conversation we had last night into that topic so it felt no-pressure and not like I was smothering him, but it kinda just turned into a "hey we kissed we should do that again" conversation. I'm not really worried about him fooling around with other girls... but I don't want him to and I don't know if he thinks it's ok to. So do I need to DTR? And how/when do I?


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  • What is DTR? I really hope people stop using these abbreviations. Makes it so difficult to understand.

    • I mean if you read my explanation you could've figured it out pretty easily, since I said it like right away haha. Dtr= define the relationship. Sorry for being unclear.

    • I did read your description, but the full form was just part of the sentence, no way I could have figured it out.

      Just be upfront with him, and see how he responds.

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  • I think you should. Talk to him about it. It's not that difficult.

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