Should I break up with him or go on a break?

I've been dating this guy for the past month and a half. He broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years about a year ago and told me that he was done getting over his past in the beginning of this year and this was a clean slate for him.

But the more time I spent with him the more convinced I became that he wasn't over her. They were constantly in touch via calls/text cuz they wanted to "stay friends" and he would still drop her home and was in touch with her family under the pretext of still caring for her even though she was his ex. Red flags so big I should've run for the hills but something made me stay.
Well, fool me twice, shame on me, cuz recently they went out together (I knew about this) and he made out with her. Then came and told me about it like it would absolve him of his mistake.

He says the making out didn't have any emotional basis, only a physical attraction in the moment and later he felt disgusted with himself. That he won't ever go back to her because she has treated him like shit in the past. But I can't bring myself to look over this after I trusted him so much to let him hang out with her, thinking that he was trying to end things with her. He has blocked all contact with her now to prove to me that he doesn't want her but 1. I can't trust him and 2. I don't think they're over each other at all. So I broke up with him. Was this the right decision? Should I believe him? Or am I just the rebound? I really liked him and this is really hurting me and making me angry that we had something so good that he ruined.


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  • psychopaths commonly play the victim while victimizing others. you're too busy caring for him to notice he's stabbing you in the back. worse yet, you're telling them that it works, and further establishing his future behavior. look at you beating yourself up at dumping a turd.


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  • I think you should have put your foot down way before he ever went to meet her.

    And yes, you're right in breaking up with him.

    • Yes I think I probably should have. I got too caught up in not wanting to seem like the nagging controlling girlfriend.

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  • You've only been with him for six weeks so a break is even more useless than in long term relationships. Break up with him: after six weeks you should still be in the honeymoon phase, instead all you got was red flags.


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