Do attractive women have more freedom to pursue men without the fear of scaring them off? Or appearing overly eager?

Like there is this guy in diggin 100%.. But we only met online so far. I know of my beauty and whatever... He's a quiet, kinda more hippie, nerdy guy.. I don't see hardly any women action on his Facebook. Like none. I don't want to scare him... But is it okay if I take more initiative? Or do guys love the chase regardless & I should let him come to me?

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  • I'll spare you the research articles, but Elaine Hatfield originated numerous studies that have been reconfirmed over the last few decades on the topic of gender differences in receptivity to sexual relationships. One of the more poignant experiments had men and women walk up to people of the opposite sex and ask them if they would like to go on a date, or alternatively to go to bed with them.

    As you can probably guess, the men that asked women to go to bed with them had a 0% positive response rate. But the interesting takeaway for women is that when women (whom on average were rated a 7/10 by male cohorts) asked men if they would like to go to bed with them, they had 75% of men say yes, with a significant portion of the remainder stating they either had a girlfriend, or were married as an excuse for why they wouldn't. The idea that women shouldn't pursue men or they will scare them away is fictitious.

    • But isn't there a difference between a man accepting sex from a women vs seeing her as girlfriend material? Like no guy would turn down sex with a women he finds attractive enough.. But if a woman asserted she only wanted a date or anything not sexual, wouldn't the results be different?

    • Yes, there is a slight difference when the offer is not explicitly sexual and asking only for a date. Depending how the proposition is worded, the probability dropped to between 50 and 69%. You can take this as the men only interested in sex with no strings dropping out, but there's not really definitive follow-up on it.

What Girls Said 2

  • I voted B - it's not the same for all women, but all men get scared when the're approached unless all they want is sex and they're experienced players - then they go with it until they get what they want or they're tired of not having sex with her in which case they just move on to the next one.
    So, in conclusion, if you want a good man, he will be scared or at least frazzled by your fowardness. But, if you're soft, pleasant, nice and persistent they'll be yours - if you're right for each other. =)

  • I don't know, I'm not attractive.

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