Girl just seems to have got annoyed with me all of a sudden?

when I first meet her she seemed into me and wanted to meet me. then she found out I also knew a couple of the girls she worked with and was friends with. then I saw her at bar a few times and she got rediclously drunk one night. all the good will from the initial meeting seems to have fading away and now she is just annoyed at me.
not sure how to fix this , I still like her and think if we had the chance to get closer things would get better


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  • Sounds like the girls she knows might have told her some things that you have done which she did not like. Have you pulled/dated any of them in the past? If a girl hears that you're fine with treating other women like shit, then she won't want to get involved with you.

    • had meet her friends at the bar last couple of summers , I never really dated them. think they were annoyed when they found out I was moving on to the hot friend and going to take a pass of them. so the one may have said things to try and turn her off

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    • I saw the first girl and her gf's at that bar a few times , at first things were weird but then we had a somewhat casual friendship. definity talked to them a number of times , picked up that the first girls girlfriend also liked me , not sure why she had such a thing for me. there seemed to be a fair bit of interest in me in that group of girls , think they were annoyed I liked this other girl

    • Well if there was no flirting, kissing, sex, dates, etc., and it was just that her friend fancied you first, then I think that the girl you like is angry for another reason.

      Sometimes a girl won't go out with a guy if her friend has a crush on him, but she wouldn't be angry with you.

      To be honest, I think you might have to just be brave and ask her if she is angry with you, and why.

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