Guys, Does he really not care at all?

I met this guy online and we talked for mnths, he was very nice, we got a bit naughty which we shouldn't given the fact I was taken. We stopped talking for couple of months but then started again, then off again and on and we just couldn't help it, ended up meeting. We were very attracted to each other and he made it clear he just wants a no strings fun which I accepted for obvious reasons. With lots of hesitations because it was wrong but couldn't help it. Not going to get into relationship problems. Anyway, I met this guy twice more and we had the best time, we kissed lots, laughed so much, he stared at me like I have never seen anyone do, later on, he would say stuff in a message which he would deny later, oh who was that person etc. The second time, he took me to his house and tried to sleep with me but I didn't let him, we did get naked and fooled around, and most of all kissed passionately where he held me so tight and didn't want to let me go. He kept saying he's a player and this is just fun, and kept telling me how many girls he brought here before. He also told me of his ex who broke his heart and made him a player now, and that he's a nice guy but I won't find it here. He kissed me passionately every time, hello's and bye's. Then we were supposed to meet for sex, he was on, off, on, then off. I got upset and sent him a long message saying its wrong and we're better than that, and I'm not that type girl etc. He said he's sorry I feel this way and this is toxic but he can't give me what I want and I deserve better. I said I didn't want a relationship with him and that maybe we should have a break. Then he said he'll give me my space and he blocked me everywhere. I msgd him 2 weeks later, asking if he's still up for it and he never replied. I'm heart broken. I never felt this way about a guy before. Can't stop thinking about him, does he really not give a sh*t about me at all? Does he really not think about me at all? Why does he not even want sex anymore?

Why chase me for almost 8 months, even after I rejected him couple times just to run away when I'm down for it? Just playing games, is that it?


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  • Because you're an headache to him. If he starts back having sex he knows you'll fall for him and it will be the same thing over again. He just doesn't want to break your heart or his again.

    • Except it's too late now. Never knew what this feels like, it sux. It was only ever physical attraction until I met him and he acted very affectionate which confused me and made me feel things I didn't want to feel. thanks so much for your reply

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    • Thanks for the mho!

    • You're welcome :D

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  • No he doesn't and he told you he was a player. Wth did you expect? To him you're too much drama

    • thanks for your reply. No I didn't expect anything until it just happened. I don't want to feel this way but somehow he got in. This sux