"Let's just be good friends"... can I change his mind?

So I was seeing this guy and things initially were going great but then he told me that he "just wanted to be good friends because he's not ready for something serious and that he was already too emotionally invested." In the same line of texting he said "I still really like you." I was mad but accepted his friendship.

I still really like him and I've been trying to act like I'm bit hurt but I am. Do you think there's still a chance that he could change his mind?



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  • Yes of course, guys are fickle.


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  • First you must thank him for being honest with you and not dragging you along. It’s hard to tell someone something that you know will hurt their feelings and at least he decided to be honest with you. You also want to stop thinking about yourself here and think about his feelings.

    He does not want to be pressured by you to be in a relationship and we have to respect the boundary that they are creating. Take a deep breath and start to paint your image of the future in a new way, in a happy friendship.

    Besides, in a romantic relationship, we should be concerned about their happiness foremost and if they aren’t happy being intimate, it’s your responsibility to completely and utterly honor that.

    And also as you take some space, you can listen to your heart and decide how much you want this guy in your life. Maybe it will be at a comfortable distance or maybe it will be easy for you to shift gears and think of him as a friend.

    Please do not trick yourself into thinking you can handle being around him if you’re still wishing he will change his mind and you’re envisioning him waking up one day to confess his love. We have to be fair to ourselves and not torture ourselves.

    Do yourself a favor and take him off that pedestal that you have him on in your mind and remind yourself of his shortcomings. We are all only human and he doesn’t have magic powers. You’re the one with the magic powers to empower yourself to shift your focus and move on.

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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  • He's not into you... he was being very nice to you by letting you down easy

  • No chance. Give up he is just nice but he is not into you.


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