Do you think it is a good idea for me to stop looking for a girlfriend?

Ok, so I am 21, still a virgin, never kissed a girl, never been on a date. I could hide behind the excuse that I haven't found the right girl and all that but the only reason I am single is because literally every girl I have asked out in my time has told me no.
And basically every rejection I go through becomes more and more humiliating and confidence shattering to the point I just feel like giving up.
I am currently at university, soon to get my masters in engineering. I work out regularly and strive to stay in peak physical condition, and I play the guitar. But nothing I do or ever did seem to attract girls as other guys in my age group are capable of.
I feel like other guys go up to girls and ask them on dates and get their share of yesses, then there's me.

Anyways, not to make this too, long. I think I am going to completely stop pursuing girls and just focus on myself, what might in the future be a succesful career if I put in the work and all my other qualities and just wait for a girl to find me someday. And if I end being 27 years old when I get my first girlfriend then so be. I dont see any other way at this point. I just cannot take anymore rejections.


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  • Yes. Stop chasing, focus on yourself, and the right one will eventually come along by fate.


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  • Seems like you answered your own question. 21 and working on a masters in Engineering... dude, at that rate, very soon you are going to be swatting them off you with a bat. You don't need some girl to make you happy, make yourself happy first. The only downside is that when they girls start flocking to you (and they will) you would be too inexperienced to be able to filter.


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  • will don't search for a girlfriend search for who you love

    • won't matter, the girl I was in love with rejected me. Girls I've been attracted without any emotional attachment have rejected me. Basically any girl I've asked out have rejected me.

    • I believe that after breaking up you should find true love it really happens this way I found it after breaking up

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