[Rant] & [Question] Why do I have the worst luck with women?

I'm 23 i've been told i'm good looking i have a great job, will have my own place soon (It's a flat that's still being built)

I have a few hobbies (guitar being one of them). I've been told by female friends i'd make the 'perfect boyfriend'. Yet despite all this i seem to have the worst luck with women. Whenever i get to the stage where i'm about to ask them out (normally after a week of chatting everyday) they just stop talking to me for no apparent reason

It's really starting to hurt my self-esteem and fuel the anger that i've been respressing for 5 years (First love wasn't into me; that's another story). I'm starting to think that girls my age still don't want the responsible guy; they want the dick and douche.

Note i am quite confident when flirting and can flirt very easily (to the point where i'm not aware i'm even doing it) yet despite this still have trouble getting a girl to actually go on a date with me

Are girls around my age (23) still not looking for a long term boyfriend? Should also point out i've never had a girlfriend
[Rant] & [Question] Why do I have the worst luck with women?
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