[Rant] & [Question] Why do I have the worst luck with women?

I'm 23 i've been told i'm good looking i have a great job, will have my own place soon (It's a flat that's still being built)

I have a few hobbies (guitar being one of them). I've been told by female friends i'd make the 'perfect boyfriend'. Yet despite all this i seem to have the worst luck with women. Whenever i get to the stage where i'm about to ask them out (normally after a week of chatting everyday) they just stop talking to me for no apparent reason

It's really starting to hurt my self-esteem and fuel the anger that i've been respressing for 5 years (First love wasn't into me; that's another story). I'm starting to think that girls my age still don't want the responsible guy; they want the dick and douche.

Note i am quite confident when flirting and can flirt very easily (to the point where i'm not aware i'm even doing it) yet despite this still have trouble getting a girl to actually go on a date with me

Are girls around my age (23) still not looking for a long term boyfriend? Should also point out i've never had a girlfriend


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  • Yeah, girls your age look for a long term boyfriend. The thing might be - you're not meeting those girls. You're meeting the ones who are feweling their egos with your flirting until they find someone who they're really looking for - looks, personality, common interests wise...
    Who knows?
    I might be totally off on this, but I have a hunch I'm close to something here. Online dating - sceptical about it because people are always looking for 'something even better' on there and having casual texting 'fun' on the way there...

    • I am on online dating if that's what your asking, despite my hobbies being 'girl magnets' meet few fgirls my age that do them. Also all the girls i'm attracted to either have bf's/husbands or aren't interested and have to googly eyes for some other guy who is normally a lot more muscular than me

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    • @ak666 Problem is peopel that i end up approching the ones who seem friendly always have partners with them and i've had almost a decade of being the third wheel i activley try to avoi couples, it just makes me feel depressed and angry as they have what i want, yet i can't get seem to get it

    • Thank you 🎀

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  • "I've been told by female friends i'd make the 'perfect boyfriend'. Yet despite all this i seem to have the worst luck with women."

    This sounds like classic nice guy scenario. I think you are probably being too gentle and caring and affectionate towards any girl you think could make a love prospect.

    Sweetness generally won't win you girls who want you, it'll win you girls who want you as a friend instead.

    To start changing things around, I think you have to start learning to become sexually-threatening. Embrace some of those masculine qualities which want to dominate and control and conquer. Become more independent, don't give a girl your full and undivided attention any time she talks to you. Start embracing the mindset that a woman has to *earn* your interest just as well as you have to earn hers.

    And last but not least, network and socialize. Get comfortable talking to and being around lots and lots of people, be fly at parties.

    I think with the right adjustments you can start turning things around. Remember that women are like men when it comes to attraction. They're not attracted to endearing qualities like sweetness. That's what they fall in love with, but that's not what catches their eye in the first place and makes them want to have sex with a man.

    • Oh trust me when it comes to "Sexing things up" i have a natural gift for that, in fact i've almost always done that during the week of convos either by making little innuendo marks here or there or by making some form of sexual advance but in a light way like

      "Well i've been told i give good back rubs maybe i could give you one someday ;) "

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    • Thats gonna be hard im already starting to give up and develop a hard heart

    • You can do it -- just try to keep your chin up. Opportunities are abound.

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  • Dont be so hard on yourself... your not the problem.


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