Can you help me understand about status and behaviors that are attractive to women?

Hi there, I just read in a book called Without Embarasment that men can be low or high status with other men based on things like looks, personal power, popularity, intelligence, things like that (earlier in life) and then on things like wealth and stuff like that later in life. I dont really believe that about the wealth (and think the things that are attractive earlier in life are probably still attractive later) and am wondering if you guys know how to build status with men. Also, it says that if a man is high status with men then this translates to confidence and an attractive attitude and things like that which is what is attractive to women. Do you believe this? Is this true? Thanks. Any discussion about this would be awesome. Thanks.


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  • Personally I'm not sure what attracts me to each man, but I do have a type physically (I love skinny men).

    There are some behaviours which are a turn off for me however. I like a man to 'be a man' not macho necessarily, but just act like an adult and lead a little bit. As an example, a guy took me out for dinner once (planned in advance), at a popular restaurant - but it was Saturday night, and he hadn't reserved a table, so we had to wait. I met another guy for drinks once, and he did not know how to get served at a bar - I had to take the money from him, and buy our drinks myself. Now neither case is a big deal in the way that I didn't starve, and we did eventually get drinks. But subconsciously, a lack of basic social skills does put me off.

    As for the status thing, that can be tricky. Confidence is attractive, however arrogance is a major turnoff. I would avoid a man if I thought that he was following PUA advice - from what I have read of it, it seems to turn men from nice but shy guys who don't get much luck with women, into cocky players, who enjoy hurting women and taking them for granted. If I smile at a man to show my interest, and he has a smug look on his face, like he knows that he is attractive, and lots of women want him, or he hints at that in conversation, I just walk away. Not being interested in me is fine. But if a man is interested, then being friendly and open is way better than acting 'high value'.

    Material stuff doesn't matter to me, but:
    1. Looks does matter to some degree, as I have to fancy him - but I often fancy men that my friends think are ugly.
    2. Personal power - not too sure what that is, unless you mean confidence.
    3. Popularity - Too much can be a turn off as I might assume you are arrogant, but I do expect you to have some friends.
    4. Intelligence - As long as you are kind, I don't care.
    5. Wealth - Don't care. As long as you are not so poor that it affects the relationship eg. you can't afford to actually meet me at least once a week.

    I have dumped someone with a Ferrari (I liked him, just not enough), and I have cried over a penniless chef (smitten with him).

    • Thank you very much. Is it attractive seeing how a man is treated by other men and how he treats other guys and stuff? Thank you for your great opinions. I really like this site so far.

    • You're welcome, I hope it's useful.

      Seeing how a man is treated by other men doesn't affect how attracted I am to him. In fact if I see other men being unkind to a man that I fancy, it just lowers my opinion of them.

      However, I will be put off a man, if his friends act like dickheads or players, because I will wonder why he likes them, and if he is actually like that too, and just putting on an act of being nice to impress me.

      How he treats other people in general can also be off putting if he is not nice to them, whether they are guys or women.

      If you are thinking in status terms, then it doesn't matter even if he is 'at the bottom' of his group of friends, it won't put me off. I would judge him more by how he treats other people, because I would like him to be kind.

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  • The way I see it is that there are *attractive* qualities (instinctual, biological, not always leading us to wise choices when it comes to picking mates) and *endearing* qualities (qualities that are actually good for long-term mates).

    For example, a woman being gorgeous is not an endearing quality. It doesn't help anything from a practical level. It's an attractive quality, but attractive qualities tend to pull us towards a person more than endearing qualities, so we might choose the gorgeous young girl who is not so bright over a genius who is overweight.

    I don't think wealth helps anything directly with attractive qualities because it doesn't tap into biological instincts. It's an abstract quality. However, wealth can translate to power, control, a form of dominance, and sometimes popularity which does tie into masculinity. I think that's what would lure women instinctively, not the wealth.

    However, wealth is an endearing quality that can does help for women who are choosing partners more with their brain than their biological instincts, so there's that.

    Generally if we look at evolutionary behavior and study animals like apes, it starts to kind of show us how we are actually attracted on an instinctual/biological kind of level.

    I do believe that last statement is true but I think confidence is just one quality of being attractive. I would put it in that list among things like power, popularity, intelligence, looks -- not suggest they simply translate to confidence and attitude.


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  • Start succeeding in life and many girls will be attracted to you. Women consider ambition attractive.

    • Mean while women with ambition usually are not because they put their ambition before everything else. They also usually are mean to the guys that hit on them because they view as just a big big distraction.

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