Girls, Girls if you like a guy?

And you attempt to flirt with him but he Dosent get the signals how long do you continue before you give up and would you attempt to make him jealous to get his attention as a last resort

Thanks for opinions
Ok so update I'm sure she hates me she ignores my messages on Facebook


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  • It depends on if another guy catches my interest at the time.

    There was a guy I was really into and flirted with, but he didn't figure it out until I was in another committed relationship.

    -face palm-

    I would try flirting with a guy a few weeks to a couple of months before giving up (if I only saw him a couple times a week). If I saw him daily and he was totally oblivious, it's time to give up.

    My last resort would simply be asking to hang out. I don't do jealous... not my style. I'm a straight-shooter.

    • Another guy asked me out before he realized what was going on*

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    • Yeah and she still hasn't responded so the only option left is to delete her from Facebook and act like she Dosent exist the rest of the semester

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  • I honestly don't know when im flirting or not. But my friends told me that I get really touchy not sexually but touchy and giggle stupidly in Love lol and yea. And when. He finds out which I don't know when but my feelings for him is gone! Cuz it's fun when he doesn't know in my opinion. But now that he knows the game is over :p


    • Well here's the situation we have talked twice outside of class both times she initiated the second time was in the library I was in the library writing a paper for English and she taps me on the shoulder we talk for a little bit she goes she was happy to run into me and gives me Tim Hortons that was around a couple weeks ago she hasn't spoke since

    • So far it's twice. There are some girls who are just naturally flirty but dont mean to give off the wrong idea or she's just super friendly ! So dont jump into conclusions yet until it gets repetitive for what she does. If ur confuse of her body language u can always ask her or if ur too shy it's okay. Ask a friend to ask her ;). Cause it's not nice if she's leading you on. Or ur just leading urself on.

    • Yeah I don't know where me and her stand I honestly didn't think this was gonna happen this semester it's surprising I was a girl repellent in high school

  • That's just a doomed situation if a guy does that to me. But I wouldn't put it past a guy to do this. It's possible

    • Well I ask because I'm in this situation now with a girl

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    • Go and talk to her now.

    • I plan to tomorrow cause now I can't stop thinking about her