Broke off with my friends with benefits, he came back to me then go again. (long story‼) Doesn't he know this hurts? And why? Thoughts?

We first met through dating app more than 6 months ago. We've never really defined our relationship. That first date I was just really attracted to him and he kissed me, we started make out and have sex, that's how it started.
Then the following months we meet from time to time. He's so my type, and I noticed little things about him, like he keeps poems from his sister, has good taste, I started find him not just good looking but lovely. I thought I can keep seeing him casually, but feeling grows stronger, on the other hand, he sometimes sweet and made me spend more time with him, then the next time acted cool to me and made me confused about whether he enjoys my accompany. I told him I feel awkward and not sure about meeting again when the he asked to. We broke off , thought this hurt a while and good for long run.
2months later, he texted me, usually he texts me on the day he wants to meet. This time he texted that night not asking to meet right away, but told me about his visit, share me photo. I was happy and also shocked about how much I miss him and want him talk to me. Next day, he asked me to let him know if I want to meet. But I told him that don't want to feel awkward again and said directly I like him, I want to spend more time do things with him. It had been a week that he has no reply, thought this time really is the end and of cos it hurts again.
But then, I got his text again, asked me if I want to go to swiming pool with him. And this make me feel happy again, looks like he finally would do more for me. But I told him can't again coz have plans already this time and wanted to meet actually. He was like "ok, next time :)"
And next day find him active on the dating app again (he kinda quited after met me) I was shocked and despair but thought he may still come back. A week later, I found that he's not even on my list on the app (likely, he unmatched me)
I bursted into tears and can't believe he gave me hope and hurt me more. Why did he even come back?


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  • He could come back to feed his ego.
    Leave him and don't interact with him to stop your feelings.


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  • This is why Friends With Benefits is bullshit.


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