Is the guy I am dating married? Help?

I met a guy a couple of months ago online. He is a single dad of 2, claims to have finalized his divorce 7 months ago. He said he would show me the divorce papers when we meet in person. I plan to go to his city to see him next month because I have more flexibility than him right now. Today I tried to book the flight and noticed that it has been hard to get him on the phone or text today. Do you think he is still married or playing games now that I am going to proceed with my flight to his city?



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  • Have him scan his divorce papers and email the scan to you first.

    • Great idea but I think that might scare him away?

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    • Well, first, tell him that you visiting him is a big step for you and you want to be sure he's divorced and that you are not being played. If he values you, then he will understand your position (and respect your intelligence) and want to assuage your fears and so he should willingly supply the divorce papers before you travel.

    • Brilliant!

  • If he is willing to show you the papers then he is probably telling the truth

    • So should I wait until we meet? Why do you think it has been so hard to get him on the phone today now that I am ready to book my flight?

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    • Thx! Why is it so hard to communicate with guys? What are we women missing here?

    • We usually say the same about you, lol

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  • All I feel is bad vibes from this question, don't meet him at all. If he finalized the divorce seven months ago he would've showed you the divorce papers, he's lying. And you met him online? ... yea, something smells fishy here and it's not the fish!

    • Well, I never asked him to send me the proof of it yet... If he refuses then I will know for sure he is lying and will do so before I go. What do you think

    • I think you should not meet him... I mean you're old enough to understand but I'm always hesitant myself online. And I think you should be careful

    • Ok, thanks

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