How do I deal with this kid?

So I've been dating this girl for some time now, and we aren't doing anything serious or whatnot, but we also couldn't get to that point even if we wanted to in the next 10 years because of her best friend (who is a guy btw). He is what is commonly known as a 'cock blocker' and is consistently trying to ruin our relationship behind her back in various different ways. He also talks crap about me to my best friend (he doesn't know it's my best friend) behind my back. When I confront my girlfriend about this she talks to him about it and sees it as a one time thing then shrugs it off. But to anyone else it's painfully obvious to tell what he's up to.

I can deal with each individual event, so I don't need advice on that. What I really need help with is if there is a way to get him to screw off permanently. Without ruining my relationship with the girlfriend.

This is a more 'behind the scenes' war between me and him. I know he's not interested in a relationship with her, just ruining mine.

PM me with more specific questions if you wanna ask them

thanks for all the help


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  • He probably has a crush on his friend and he's jealous of you. Don't do anything at all. If you do anything against him, it will have a boomerang effect. Ignore his presence. That's the worst thing you can do to him.


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  • Let him know in no uncertain terms that if he keeps up his shit, you will hurt him. BADLY. This works a lot better if you're rather intimidating, but even mild-mannered, soft, weak looking dudes can pull it off if they seem like they're about to snap any second while telling the fuckstick off.

    Here are a few key things:
    -stay calm. And quiet. That seems to scare people a lot more than getting loud, waving your arms around, etc.
    - Speak in generalities. Don't say "I'll break your arms", say "I will break you" or "I will END you".
    - Look the POS directly in the eye and keep your face as deadpan as possible. Speak in a normal tone, but put steel in your voice.

    Oh, and if you do this, be prepared *just in case* he actually stands up to you. Chances are he won't, but you never know, there ARE some simpering little betas out there that actually have teeth.