Did I react well to my BF's bull crap excuse for being flaky and inconsiderate? Does his apology sound legit at all?

My boyfriend hadn't spent much time with me the past month due to a crazy workload So I was thrilled when he said things let up. He fixed my bike last night & slept over. We had a nice little bike ride and breakfast before I left for work.
Him, "Let's have dinner tonight, I'll let you know when I'm done helping my brother." He said this again at two more times. At 9pm I told him I was done with work. At 10pm he replied "Yay! by the way, you inspired me to fix my bike :D"

At 1030pm I wrote, "Was wondering why you haven't said anything about dinner."

Him-"Sorry Gorgeous. I didn't bring it up again because I got caught up with working on my bike and then I started feeling sick. I was hoping to feel better but now I'm not feeling good still. " Note that this was 45 min after his cheerful "fixing my bike" message.

Me-"I wish you would have told me". Him-"I'm sorry. That's why I said, I'll let you know. Would you like dins tomorrow evening? I apologize. " After my silence he wrote," Please accept my apology and inconsideration; working on my bike and helping my brother do renovation made me exhausted". Me-"I totally get feeling exhausted, I just would appreciate a little heads up, that's all. That cheerful message you sent me less then an hour ago about fixing your bike gave no indication you were sick, exhausted. I could have sent you feel better kisses if I knew".
Him-"You're totally right. I am very sorry".
He hadn't pulled that "I'm suddenly sick" nonsense since our very early days over year ago. That behavior mysteriously stopped ages ago and now it's back.


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  • Mentally unwell could be the sickness. Guys need time to decompress after hard things and you getting irritated doesn't fix that.


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  • Maybe he was seriously feeling exhausted. Anyway, you were right. He should have told you earlier instead of deciding to flake on you.
    However, he apologized so I think you should give him another chance.

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