Guys! Does age matter? Would you consider being in a serious relationship with a woman who's at leadt 5-6 years older than you? what about you girls?

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Girls would you date a younger guy?


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  • my wife is 5.5 years older than me.


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  • It does matter.
    For example, for me, since I am only 18, age definitely matters.
    I would not be with someone who is 27 or 30, etc.
    Just not right.
    But then if I were 23, then 30 doesn't sound bad or 32 doesn't sound bad.

    But as for younger, assuming at 25, I MIGHT be okay with someone being 2 years younger than me, not sure though.


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  • There are 2 different questions what is the poll answering?

  • No age does not matter.

    Yes I'd date a girl 5-6 years older than me.

    Was not sure what to vote for in the poll since you ask two questions that are the inverse of each other.

    • Sorry i meant for girls to answer if they would date a younger guy? I posted it inupdates 😅

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