Does he even really like you if he hasn't put the "relationship" label on it?

I'm seeing a guy, have been for over a year now. And things have started to get real. We've met each other's families, I've stayed at his for 3nights in a row, we were gKing to go away with his best friend and his girlfriend (but I have a work trip sadly), we talk every day and do everything a couple would. I legit feel as if we are boyfriend and girlfriend even though we don't have that label. When we go out and people ask if I'm his girlfriend he'll be like "who've met Nina right?" Then introduce me to them. He's affectionate to me in front of friends, family, his family loves me and mine him.

he says he can't make me his girlfriend because he's studying to be a lawyer and can't commit fully to me until this is done. Should I even bother? Does he even like me?


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  • Are you guys exclusive? Or do you date other people as well?

    • We're not seeing anyone else - he did last year and he knows how much it hurt me. I know how much it would hurt him if I saw someone else and plus I don't want to see anyone else and I don't think he does either. We haven't had an "exclusive" conversation though

    • If you really like him that much, then you should probably be patient till he's done with his studies. But then again, you might also be wasting your time by chasing someone who will never decide to settle. It's a hard decision but it's all up to you.

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