I've been talking to this guy and I feel very insecure):?

I've been talking to this guy (it's really not anything serious) we met online, and I'm starting to like him but sometimes I ignore him (rarely) and he ignores me (also rare but he does it more than I do) he seemed interested at first and now he doesn't seem as interested, I went through his Twitter because I follow him and he has really pretty friends, and so many girls who tweet him and they're like perfect, he's really cool too, like he's always with his friends doing something, but he just has really pretty friends and he's pretty attractive, I think this is probably why he's not interested? I feel like I'm not good enough for him to like me back, I don't know. I feel like he might think I'm lame):? I don't know, I'm just feeling insecure.


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  • If you start believing and telling yourself that then maybe you are lame.
    think higher and bigger. If he isn't interested, so what?

    There are more guys to come. Being insecure isn't that a big a deal, I mean sure it happens but then no one is perfect and those girls have their share of probs. Besides, what you consider pretty must be a face baked with a lot of concealer and makeup


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