What would you do?

how would you feel if you really wanted to see your boyfriend because you've explained to him you haven't seen enough of him recently.

so you text him asking if he can hang out. no answer. 2 hrs later you text him saying you need help with something. no answer. This is very unlike him. so 2 hrs later you text again and he answers. He explains he is drinking with like 6 friends, which is kinda out of his character to drink with that many people.Plus he drank with two of those guys the night before... You ask why you weren't invited since you know most the people and he says its not his house...you figure he just doesn't want to hang out.

this is so out his character. the not answering, not being there for you. would you just talk to him? break up with him?


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  • ha oh wow my ex was the same problem he'd hang out with his friends and just say night out with some old friends. my opinion because iv been in ur shoes I think he just an't ready to have a serious relationship and he might be hiding stuff from you and wants to kick it with his friends because if he realy care he'd take you even if its not his house he'd ask if he can take you talk to him let him know how you feel about this problem. and if it happens agian brake up because it wil continue

    • This is the first time it has ever happened. like he chose me over his friends earlier in the week so I felt good...but now idk. I have a feeling he just didn't want to be around me. I don't think he was cheating since the two girls there have boyfriends.

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    • No he was exactly where he said he was. I talked to someone else who was there

    • Oh I c..wel wish you the best of luck