Guys and Rirls, He's not the pda-kind of person?

Guys and Rirls, He's not the pda-kind of person? We've been seeing each other for at least four months but we liked each other for almost a year already. We both do not like pda-ing because we both find it distracting but here's the thing, he thinks holding hands and leaning on the shoulder is already considered pda-ing. (or is it?) It's just that, it hurts. It's like doing that is a very big deal in public. It's not like we are kissing or making out. Its kinda frustrating. When we're in public, i want to do hold hands with him and lean on his shoulder but i can't because he's always saying, "hey not here, im not the pda person, right?" i just can't help but feel disappointed. It's like he doesn't really care at all if someone stares at me or something. People also think that we're not a "thing" because we just walk together and doesn't talk too much.

It just feels like he isn't proud of me or he is embarrassed of me :/


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  • I don't know m he may be trying to hide that you and him have a thing. Personally, if ye softest thing like that bother him, I wouldn't want to waste my time with him. I am very affectionate and I want a guy to be it with me too