Is this NORMAL?

When you get back together with an ex after 2 months of being apart (and dating for 2 years), is it normal not to see them everyday?


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  • You're thinking too much about it. If you got back together, then you're together, don't go on about how you want to know everything they're doing, and you need them in sight at all times.

    It's normal, in fact, thinking it's not really shows that you are clingy and in some way needy. You don't want that. Especially if your boyfriend isn't.

    You guys broke up. Your dating timer has now reset. How the relationship will proceed will most likely be different from how it was before. This is a good thing! It could prevent the new one from collapsing like the previous one.

    My opinion, is go with it. But if you absolutely can't, break up now! If you don't, you'll hurt him, or he'll hurt you. Save yourself. It'll take some time to find someone new, but trust me, it'll be worth it.

    Sometimes people just aren't compatible, no matter how hard both of them try.


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  • I think if you get back together you have to ease into the relationships, couples who don't live together 90% of the time don't see each other everyday especially if you're older, where you have other responsibilities.


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