Not looking for obvious answers or yep's I want real ideas. Two girls on a guys mind?

OK so I've been dating this beautiful woman for at least two years now but my mind gets hung up on my most recent ex, she and I broke it off because of distance issues and we were too young to fix it now that isn't so much the case anymore and I don't have contact with her but it is too easy to get back in contact with her. I'm NOT looking for answers like "just forget her" because believe me I've tried. Also "just take away your contact from her" because all it takes is a quick fb search and I've found her. I feel like I just left a spark alive while I built up another fire


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  • No matter where you go, who you date, or what you do; your ex (es) will always have a place in your heart. Regardless of the breakup, you'll still feel some of the fire there in some form or another.

    There is no quick fix, if that's what you want. There is no: do this, and it'll all be over. It's not how the earth spins.

    The fact that you can still, and you probably even do do this: look her up on Facebook, means you still have feelings for her, in the mind, groin, and/or heart. If you want to remove this person from your mind, you have to tell yourself not to look at it. Not to see her, not to see, hear, taste, feel, or touch things that remind you of her. Your method of doing this is up to you, because how I conquer that is much different.

    I think, if anything, is you should stay with this other woman, whom you also clearly love. But if your ex gets in the way, you don't want to hurt this other woman either. So cut them both out of the picture and work on yourself. It may suck, but if you're not willing to look past everything you should do what's best for everyone.

    Best of luck man, and believe me, things will work out over time :)


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  • So you've been dating someone for 2 years and can't get your ex out of your head two years later, do you think you moved on quickly just for the sake of it? You have to have self control, don't have your current girlfriend around if you're just seeing if you and your ex have another chance, thats just leading her on.

    • I'm looking for answers not bashing, good job

    • Im not bashing you, I'm just saying if you're keeping your current one around just to see where you and your ex will go, do her a favour and don't be with her if you're not giving her your all.

    • It was done when I started dating my current girlfriend, but once I had time to grow up and become a legal adult. the ex started coming up the back of my mind.

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