Does she like me or was this a rejection?

One of my sisters friends who is 2 years older then me randomly got my number from my sister. We been texting for over a year now ever since that day and she always texts me first. So my sister randomly asked her why don't u date my brother, and she starting smiling and laughing my sister said like as if she got caught and she said "wouldn't that be awkward that's your brother, I feel like it's so close to the family" so is this a rejection that she wouldn't ever date me? Or does it mean she would and has thought about it?


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  • Either or.

    • It sounds like a rejection to you?

    • Could be she likes you, but is too shy to admit it. Or she really is rejecting you.

  • Sorry, but I don't think she's interested. Talking to someone for over a year is way too long to take before making a move, she maybe did fancy you back then, but probably sees you as a friend now. Especially if she always texts you first. Girls are almost always advised to let the man chase, so if she fancied you, she would let you text first, in order to not scare you off. If she had feelings for you I don't think she'd let you being her friend's brother put her off.

    • I don't understand what your saying in all honesty, so if a girl text u first it's now a bad thing? I'm asking if her comment to my sister about dating me if it sounds like a rejwction

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    • Well it's only my opinion, you don't have to agree, I don't mind.

      Personally I have never decided not to date someone for fear of rejection or things not working out. I have actually dated my friend's younger brother, it just didn't work out, it wasn't the end of the world. He got over it, and my friend was fine with it.

      Some people text their friends a lot. I have many male friends, who I don't fancy, but will message them or meet up with them to say hi and stay in touch. If I've had a bad day, I often want to talk to a friend about it, even if he's male.

      No offence, but you don't have to repeat yourself, I did read your question the first time. As I said, she probably did fancy you at first, when she asked for your number. But after waiting so long for you to ask her out, she most likely sees you as a friend now.

    • Ok well I respect your opinion I just didn't understand what u were saying, and I guess some people can date there friends brother and some get nervous and shy and this girl is very shy lol

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