Benefit of the doubt or move on?

I can't read this man at all. I met him online. Some times he comes across as introverted and shy and sweet. However I dont get his sense of humor and I'm trying to figure out if I should run? We have gone out twice and seem to have a connection. I can't really tell from him if it's innocent or sexual in nature. He has made some sexual innuendos example: I joking said that I was a unicorn as a reference to being special or rare. His response was well if you are a unicorn I should touch you. A second comment he was peeling from a sunburn and I said I should call you some species of lizard he said just a regular lizard because they are cute just stick their tongue in and out, in and out? There have probably been a couple more instances of something similar. I believe I have created boundaries at this point to which he has taken note, and in passing stated that he knew he might have made me mad. And he seems to be very careful with his actions. Honestly I am pretty buttoned up in terms of fashion and don't talk about anything relative to anything sexual so I am not giving off any mixed signals. After the second date he asked me back to his place and I gave a direct no with no explanation. So here's my question how do I determine if he's just awkward socially or determine real quick what his intentions are? I have no interest in wasting my time but don't want to misconstrue this. I am okay with throwing something out there to see what the response is to make heads or tails of this I just don't know what that direct approach should be? (Kind of a direct line/checkmate type of question) my intention is not to disrespect anyone I just don't want to end up and I bad situation.


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  • I don't think you're really thrilled about him. Move on.

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