Guys, should I pick up my 'friend' at the airport?

So there is this guy, 'a friend', i am kind of casually seeing/getting to know/friends with. We just met recently. He went away for 10 days to his home country for work and is returning on Wednesday... While he was away, he said he was happy to be back home with his family and he forgot how much he missed them, he also told me recently that he is looking forward to returning back here... so now that he is returning, i want to make him feel like he is also returning 'home' and not feel all alone when he arrives at the airport and there is nobody there.. So i thought it would be a nice gesture of me to see him when he arrives. . and since my work is nearby, i thought why not?
However, i dont want to give the wrong impression that I am wayy too interested (since I told him I am NOT looking for a relationship), but I just want to surprise him since its not nice to arrive to a country and have no one receiving you. He lives here by the way.

So guys, how would you feel if the girl you just met/getting to know surprised you at the airport when you arrived? would it be too much? or would you be pleasantly surprised? yay or nay?

ps: we speak almost every day and are planning to meet up on the weekend.

thanks for your response! :)

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ps: for those who said no... WHY not?


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  • Offer to him that you will pick him up since you are close by and he doesn't need to spend the money for a taxi.

    • well since i dont drive, i didn't technically mean pick him up but more 'see him arrive' at the airport hehe

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    • aww that is so nice! lol
      okay, i will do that!
      thank you for the tip :) :) hehehe

    • You are welcome. :)

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  • Yes, it would be a pleasant surprise. I confess I would wonder how interested she would be, but I wouldn't start taking conclusions, it could be just a nice gesture anyway.

  • Yes. Go pick them up. Because this isn't something that requires thought.

    • yes you are right, i just dont want to give the wrong impression but i thought it would be really nice to meet him when he arrives, haha a nice pleasant friendly/familiar face to be there when he arrives :)

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