What does this mean?

So I just had sex with this boy (he told me it was hella good and he couldn't stop complimenting me), who claims he didn't want to be fuck buddies and wants to be with me "blah blah blah", I already know the get up but anywho. He's looked at all my snaps all day but can't text me and I was even courteous enough to text him good morning and he still hasn't texted me at all, what does that mean?


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  • "wants to be with you".. you got that shortly afterwards right?

    He's satisfied so now onto the next thing. He may not be sure what to say or what he wants... he starts thinking... do I really want this relationship, this could get serious... what am I doing I have this and that to do, and there are these other girls I'm interested in... they are hot too... I wrote a mytake on this a while back. He may be back, but sex is to a large degree... an outlet for tension build up between male and female. So you just let him go. if you want him, you may have to claw him back.


    • He said this before we had sex. I kept telling him, why didn't you just say you wanted to fuck instead he kept saying all this dumb shit and I already know that he just wanted to fuck, girls just like to fuck too! But he kept saying I do want to build a relationship and all that but I knew he didn't. After sex, he texted me talking about damn, your pussy this, your ass that and you cute af too. Why do all of that? But I really don't get why he is watching all of Snapchats?

    • I'm not sure what "watching all snapchats" means... like videos of you?

      Anyway, guys will say all kinds of stuff to get sex, so I cannot discern if he was just doing that to ensure he gets sex and then bragging? Sounds like it. and my guess is you are his first... sure sounds like it.

      I'm sorry you are being treated like this, it is really disrespectful and... undignified?
      This is why... back in the olden days, the woman would hold out for a ring or something.. keeps the guy on a leash. In this case, likely he doesn't care and he just put on a story and couldn't be honest... e. g. immature.

      You should take a hard look at yourself, maybe relationship counselor (to figure out why you liked this guy in first place).

      He may be back if some tension is rebuilt, but I haven't heard anything positive yet in this question that says this is a good thing going on...

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  • drop him. he only wants sex. you lost your respect to him to have anything but sex.
    it doesn't matter what he says or does. he is not interested in you as a person, your mind, your ideas, so in essence, what he does means nothing.
    i don't think fbuddy is a good idea. because, if you only want sex then whateve he does or doesn't shouldn't matter to you.
    if you are asking this question, you failed to just want to be fbuddy.
    move on and find a nice guy who will give you what you want.


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  • He doesn't know how to text?

  • he's immature. Drop his ass

  • your pussy is no longer new.

    you've been relegated to the backburner.

  • He was only interested in sex, not text.

    • Why couldn't he just say that? I told him he could have just said, I just want to fuck but no he kept lying to himself, saying I want to be with you and all of that, I literally told him I know wtf you want, like I'm not a fool!

    • Very few people say what they really mean and even fewer are so bold to voice what they want. We live in a society that demonizes truth as well.

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  • he played u. hit it and quit it. he was just in the moment when he complimented u

  • This means he got what he wanted. And now he is done

    • Then why look at all my snapchats, why couldn't he just say I wanted to fuck. I have him so many opportunities. I told him we could be fuck buddies but he still wanted to go with I want to be with you and blah blah blah

    • How knows! Never ask why. Just look at the evidence, otherwise you'll drive yiurself crazy!!
      Men will not come out and tell you what their real intention is out of fear of rejection.
      Looking at snap chats means nothing.

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