Any Jehovah's witnesses on here I have a question?

Its about LDR
I started talking to him yesterday.
Already he has asked would I ever show him around my state and would I ever visit his. ( which I don't know if that's moving to fast) he was talking about the future though.

He asked me about myself like what I do for fun and etc.. I'm 20 he's 22.

But he has yet to ask me about spiritual things. Is it too early for that conversation about spiritual goals? What kind of things should we be talking about?

I don't want to ask him anything spiritual first because I want to see how he takes the lead and if thats whats on his mind.& I don't want him to start pretending. I'm sure he knows I'm baptized because I have my picture online andItalk about spiritual things online. Him however doesn't.

So far he only mentioned how Jehovah' helped him find a job what do you think?


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  • It's good that you want to gauge your spiritual compatibility, but despite age, he might not be as spiritually mature as you. But then, if that's all he talks about you would have to be worried as the bible does instruct us to be 'in this world, and not of it."


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  • Well, you're going to have to ask him eventually. That whole unevenly yolked verse is taken very seriously. You need to ask him if he's baptized and if he's not, does he plan to be baptized. If not, then there's no point in catching feelings.