"I had such a great time, thanks for an awesome evening!"... would you ever send this text right after a date if you weren't really into your date?

What if he kissed you after the dinner date... could you ever initiate a message like that if you weren't into your date?

  • Even if he kissed me and I didn't pull back, I could still see myself sending a text like that if I wasn't really into him.
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  • If I wasn't sure and was on the fence about my date, I could still kiss him and send a message like that.
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  • I couldn't kiss a date at the end unless I was truly into him.
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  • I couldn't send a message like that unless I was truly into him.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Obviously the last option for me... Only thing that makes sense here.
    Why send anything if you're not really into the man?

    • We made tentative plans to go out again before she left town as she was visiting family but she had to cancel (family stuff) and she hasn't responded to any of my texts since (over the past few months). We live pretty far apart. Also, I'm a lot older but she knew that before sending the text.

    • Then something changed. Could be your age difference that's bothering her.

What Guys Said 1

  • Whenever i got this kind of text, the girl is super into me.

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