He liked me and wascalling out for 2 month, than rejected me. I dont understand why, so how can I make him regret it?

Hi, had a firend ( for 6 month), he liked me, told to my two friends, he would call me out if I was single, 2M ago. We just broke up with my boyfriend.
He is a shy guy but tried to get me out with him a few times ( friends didn’t show up, etc.).
2W later, he called me out a few times, but I rejected him. I had a lot of work to do, and honestly I wasn’t sure. I needed some time after my breakup. 1M ago we went to a club with our friends, we slowdanced a lot. He kissed me on my forehead, was very gentle, and was also rubbing my back during the dance. But than a friends grabbed us to dance with them, and it ended there. We never talked about this moment. But there was a connection.
After this night he called me out hiking , was helpful, texted me a lot, called. Rememberd things about me…even my number, which is rare these days. We spent a lot of time together during next 2 W. Invited me to a concert (it’s going to be in 3 month). Wanted me to join him for a whole weekend at a sports tournament. But I didn’t know those people ( his friends even family!), he told me it’s ok, he will introduce me. I didn't go.
Last week when we went to a concert I felt that finally it is the rigth time for me. Until than it was just too soon and I was a little freaked out. But nothing happened, he was not so kind as before, and wasn’t even trying with me. I was disappointed and didn’t understand what’s going on. When we stayed alone on our way home I decided to ask him.
So I asked him if I can have a question. He smiled at me: Sure.
Me: ‘Last time when we danced you gave me a kiss on my forehead. Did that mean something or it was just like in the heat of the moment?’ He looked at me and asked:"when?". I told him.
But I know for sure he was not that drunk and remember everything. He is not the type to get sooo drunk to not remember things and mentioned that conversation before. He got a little nervous and told me: “Yeah I was drunk” I smiled at him and said ok.

When he said: “I shouldn’t have to drink, I do stupid things than.” I told him: “I am not saying it was stupid. I was just curious about it” I wanted to let him know it was ok.
We sat there for a few minutes in silence, when he began: “You know, I has nothing against you, but I don’t want a relationship with an older girl. I had a girlfriend who was older than me and it didn’t worked out.” I told him quickly I didn’t wanta relationship either this year, after my breakup and everything going on.
Than he continued there is a girl in his work he likes for a long time. will try to call her out. I tried to be friendly and told him, to try, if he didn’t try he will never know. So that’s it. I was really really shocked about his reaction and argument. Mainly with the argument. I am 31 he is 30!!! I am a year older!!!
Why was all trying when he rejected me than? ... :(


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  • So you mistook friendship for him having feelings and now you are upset. It happens. I could tell you my story. It's pretty much identical, so I won't. Just move on with your life and accept that he doesn't see you that way.

    • It wasn't friendship, you can feel the difference. He even told my two girlfriends he likes me. And ask them if I am happy with my boyfriend, he think I am not. And after our broke up he began to calling me out. And was acting differenet as before

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    • I told him we are talking about anything, even about our problems. Than he was telling me its not good. We should not meet so much and I should not talk to him about those thing, I should have other friends for that. And also was asking me a lot , what are my plans to the future, and what I think about having a baby when I am older. People say it is better to hava baby before. And such things. I was really upset at the end. Its enought to here that from my mom not from friends. So on. an this Saturday he was even wierder. We have a meeting in weeks , and the others change the date becasue of him. And knwo he will not go. He told me he will not mess up his day becasue of that meeting. I sad ok. And it is an importatn meeting. We are a managers for our sports club... Its all weird...

    • We stayed friends for abut a year afterwards. I ultimately couldn't do it any longer. Try as I might to kill my feelings I couldn't. I'd get moody. Fine with being friends one week. Angry the next that we acted like a couple, everyone thought we were a couple, but we weren't a couple. Then back to being fine. Hope you can find some peace in your situation. Just do what's best for you.

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  • You can't make him regret it. I think it would be best to move on and forget about it.


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  • It really sounds like he moved on. Not much you can do about it but move on yourself. Sorry to hear this.

    • But so quickly. On Monday he had interest in me and on Saturday not anymore? :(

    • This happened to me with a girl. I started getting interested in other people and she noticed the indifference. She quickly broke it off to be just friends and after that I was devastated. Smart girl.

    • And a while later I asked her the reason she did this, so I know this is true :/ Just saying if you want to get him back pulling the just friends card is the way to go, see what happens, but be careful not to be too manipulative. If he still isn't pursuing it wasn't going to happen anyways.

  • It sound like he's interested in other people and senses you like them so therefore wants to be honest with you-that he doesn't want anything serious. He doesn't want to lead you on.


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