Should I bother texting first again?

I know this may sound like super stupid but I went on a date two days ago with a guy I've been talking to a few weeks. The date went great and everything, he texted me briefely after the date and that was it. Well the day after we didn't talk until I asked a question, he answered that but then nothing. And yesterday I texted twice just to kinda see how he was and he only answered once.

Should I just stop initiating conversation altogether? I feel like I'm being ignored and waisting my time honestly and don't know if its something I did or what.

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  • don't text him. obciously writing is not working right now for whatever reasons... maybe talk in person again if possible

    • I would like to make plans to see him again in person but again thats hard with the whole not communicating thing

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    • Thanks I'll just kinda wait and see I guess. I've not dated before so I'm not sure what to expect.

    • don't be that ervous. it works out or it doesn't eather way everything will be ok. there are many wonderful man (and woman) everywhere.

      If you like follow me and we cna write again

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  • I'd text him and ask him if he'd like to see you again so you can make time in your schedule if it's the case or if not, let you know he's not interested now so you can make plans with other people

    • I did ask to see if he wanted to make plans for another date yesterday but all he did was apologize for the lack of texting, never answered my question on the plans subject.

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    • But see that's why I am confused haha. He pursued me and stated that he likes me a lot and wants to further thing he's just seriously lacking in communication.

    • Perhaps he's as confusing as girls can be lol
      Message me if you want, I'll be more direct
      Although I think I have a stalker editor on here who's been deleting my comments if I invite anyone to message me so move fast if you want lol

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  • Don't text him , if he's interested he will come after you , if that is not happening , then move and find another date

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