Why do I have this mindset and is there an alternative?

Why do I have this mindset and is there an alternative

Ok so I'm 24 I have never had a girlfriend I read in an article online that some guys crush on girls and once they get rejected still hold on to the idea that she still might like him. Basically he knows in his mind that his chances of finding a real girlfriend are extremely low. I read this and had a self reflection moment because with every girl I have liked this has happened. I had a moment where I was sad then I called the girl names or made up in my mind how she was a bitch but it was all in a way to account for the fact I was lonely

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  • Because projection is a natural tendency seen in many people, across a variety of circumstances. Projection is when the blame for a bad feeling you have, say after rejection, is shifted to anyone but yourself. You make them look like horrible individuals, like in saying that ALL women are sneaky, manipulative bitches based off of the actions of 1-2 that you've actually encountered. In doing that, you project the bad feelings that you had. As a way of coping with rejection.

    Dealing with things like this is in no way exclusive to you. I mean.. have you heard of the redpill movement? It's horrendous to read what some of the guys write in r/theredpill. Basically saying that women are such manipulative cunts, that they deserve to all be killed so that men can be spared.

    • Well it just makes me question myself I don't give myself the nice guy label people tell me what a gentleman I am and yet it's not enough cause here I am still single

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    • Me I never get opportunities to talk to you
      Her Lol I know! Same here If I see you around campus I will say hi 😊

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