Emotional trauma?

I think i suffer from ptsd for a long time now... when i was 4 i was diagnosed with scoliosis and it wasn't that bad, when i was 11 years old i was very excited to go to high school and discover who i am, but when i was 12 it when, really bad, they told me i wouldn't be able to live normally and i had to wear a brace untill i become a woman and my body is full grown, i developed an extreme depression back then because i didn't know who i was, what i will become, and became an emotional mess, i was traumatized wearing it for 23 hours day as a teen for 5 full years, years of agony, shame, depression and confusion + being emotionally neglected, those years were so important to me, my social skills, my character. I am 24 now and i suffered from body image, depression and social anciety for years now, why? no idea... i know you can't be a victim of your past and your supposed to be strong and move on but when i was done with the treatment the depression never left, i felt empty, confused, disgusted, anti social with my body and i needed actual help, never got that help... now im in therapy and i think i suffer from ptsd... i never even had a boyfriend, one time a guy try to have sex with me and i FREAKED out. Am i doomed forever to suffer from this?


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  • We all, or most of us, come out of the same toxic soup of childhood... oddities, being accept socially, emotional abuse, belittling. Its all the same stuff, in different degrees.

    Yes you can get past this. Seriously, find God/Jesus and the value in that. That is based on love which is what you really need and needed. Your therapist should kbe able to help you identify the things holding you down, the false programming and lies. A Christian counselor in my opinion is better because their reference point is love, which is what is needed vs any other therapist that is just working with mental conditions. If ou are talking about a psychiatrist, to me, that is not the answer... they just prescribe drugs to mask the problems.

    Most of the things you mentioned are hurts accumulated, some of them are lies told to you or that you believed. You need to get a healthier vantage point over all that stuff, speak the truth into those old wounds, and then get a better view of human beings, including yourself, in general... that so many of us are hurting and are in need of emotional help.

    Yes, since you are motivated, you've started to identify the root issues, you can rise above this. Thre is a book called change your life in 7 days... that has exercises to work on diminishing the impact of those memories and reworking into a positive image.


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  • The fact that you are brave enough to go through all this at a young age and are able to go to therapy is hope itself. Your past was clearly traumatizing and you should realize how far you've gone from that because it takes a strong person to admit all this. We all suffer from our insecurities, some more than most, but you should remember that everyone is different. When you date someone, find a guy that will take it slow with you and will accept/understand what you've gone through. I hope this helped, and stay strong!