Do you really care who pays for the first date. Why is it such a big issue?

I see a lot of questions about who should pay but is it that important? Are you going to be upset if your date didn't pay or even offer to split?

  • it is important to me
  • not an issue
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  • I really admire the young guys out there who insist on splitting the bill. It does promote gender equality and I'm interested to see a society where there aren't too many double standards.

    That said, I'm of an older generation with a family that still kind of focused a lot on chivalry, being a gentleman, etc. I'd be inclined to pay the bill each time, but I'm hoping my type will die out in favor of a new era where both men and women don't place such traditional expectations on each other.

    • Interesting but I think its more of the guy trying to impress the girl.

    • For sure -- though part of it is just that a lot of women in my generation would also find it "cheap" if the guy didn't do that. It's kind of an adjustment required for both genders, but I really like this idea of splitting.

  • because i want a date on equal terms, the terms are not equal if i am paying for both of us.