When a date cancels your first date (and first time meeting in person) Should you still give him a chance?

I recently had an experience where I had been talking to this guy for a few months. We finally agreed to meet up (both of us are very busy). We set a time and place to meet and everything. Then just a couple hours before we were to meet, he texted me to cancel.

His excuse "I met up with my cousins at the car show and they want to go swimming. It's hot out and hopefully soon we can meet...". I was kind of upset and hurt that he cancelled, especially after we had kept intending to meet for so long, but our schedules never worked out. Then he cancels on me when we both had planned in advance to meet.

Part of me feels like it shouldn't be a big deal. But when you plan to meet someone, and make arrangements, I don't drop a person for other plans. If it was an emergency, I could understand that. but to me it just shows lack of respect. I mean yes he at least told me beforehand. But I feel like he should have just honoured his plans.

In the past I have given people the benefit of the doubt. And usually what happens is they start to think it is okay to just flake on me all the time. I want to prevent that from happening, so I'm wondering if I should stand my ground this time?

What do you guys think?


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  • That is a super lame excuse and you have dodged a bullet with this guy. He is obviously the type where friends and fucking around is more important than dating. I bet if you started dating him, you would never rank higher than his friends, you would always come second. Meeting someone new for the first time should be taken seriously and something you are looking forward to, this douche bag isn't showing any of those interests. I think you are better off to forget that flake!!!

    • Thank you so much! I am glad people are agreeing with me. I was worried people would think I was being a jerk. But I feel it's important to honour commitments. I have been in that position in many relationships before where I do not rank very high on their priority list. I am ready to meet a guy who is actually going to make time to meet with me and actually show up.

    • You're welcome. Good luck!

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  • So i think that its not an acceptable to ditch you on someone else's whim. I could understand if its work related or an emergency, that happened to a friend of mine and they're now engaged, but he did it for leisure and disrespected you and your time. I wouldn't want a boyfriend who ditched me, so id say let him go and find someone who values you.

    • Thanks! I feel the same way! I just don't know how people are so flakey now a days (this sort of thing happens to me a lot for some reason :/)

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  • Blow him off. He is a flaky little boy not worthy of you.


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