Has anyone had their heart broken by a guy friend?

How did you go on, afterward?
i fell for a guy friend but he friendzoned me.
he said he liked me at first, but he decided to keep things platonic. However, he was really flirty at certain times, that it led me on. Only to find out that when I confessed, he just wants to keep me as a friend. :(

i don't know whAt to do. Has anyone experienced this?


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  • This is the exact story of a lot of guys who complain on here...

    If "friends" is too painful, request to not be friends.
    You'll find someone else, with time.

    • We are going to talk face to face on Friday. I don't know what to say.

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    • He gave a timing that was impossible for me, and then he is trying to evade me. I think this is it.

    • Stop thinking he's trying to evade you... play it cool. Give him a list of times that work for you, but don't try to conform your schedule to fit his.

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  • Nope, I haven't experienced that. However, many people have.

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