Do Women Ever Date Men Who Severely Hate Themselves? To the Point of Self-Harm?

I ask because I have felt suicidal since I was at least 18 and am almost 22. I've hopped infront of vehicles, and OD'd several times and I'm surprisingly almost 100% physically healthy. But I've been committed to the mental hospital twice for a total of 4 weeks.

But the reason i feel suicidal is because of loneliness. I'm very tall, strong, everyone says I'm handsome, even the doctors who assessed me at the wards (I told them I was ugly and they strongly disagreed)

So do women ever date suicidal men? If it meant they'd be doing him a huge favor.


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  • I'm not going to date someone because I want to do them a favor. I'm going to date someone I genuinely want to be with.
    I know it's kinda cheesy but I believe that you can't truly love someone to the best of your abilities if you don't already love yourself. I think it's unhealthy to feel like you absolutely need a relationship to be happy. Codependency is not a good thing.


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  • Women date fucking serial killers so obviously some women date depressed guys. If you're into illegal drugs thats not going to help though if that's what you OD'd on. I understand how shitty it feels to be alone, but you've got to be happy on your own first. "It's better to have loved than lost" isn't exactly true. If you're deeply in love with someone and they leave, you're going to feel a LOT shittier than if you never met them.

    • Oh I'm completely clean. No narcotics. I OD'd on a couple of boxes of restavit--over-the-country sleep aid.

    • Ahh, well the only problem I see is most relationships will end at some point, may be a few months may be a few years but people want to 'take breaks' and think the next one will magically be better. So if you're in a bad place right now, if a girl leaves it'll likely just get worse.

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  • ... a woman does not wish to date someone who will basically feel like an added weight on her shoulders. everyone in life has issues to deal with. being a suicidal man is an obstacle. a huge obstacle. any girl who dates a man like this will feel like his mentor, counsellor or mother rather than a girlfriend.

    to fix this: you need to learn to love yourself. maybe go to therapy, attend a seminar or something, understand that your life is valuable, and choosing to go out like that is escaping, and escaping from your problems without facing them isn't very attractive either. we all feel lonely sometimes, but we need to learn to become content with our own company AND learn to find good, genuinely enjoyable company. dont depend on others for your happiness. you will never feel content trying to please others, and prove your worth. trust me.


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  • Even these procreate.