Would you date someone, whose family hates you?

Lets say you are dating a girl/guy and you found out his/her family hates you. But he/she loves and you wants to stay loyal to you, despite what his/her family thinks. Would you still stay in that relationship?

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  • If I don't love him, I wouldn't. If I like him but don't yet love him I'd cut my ties. he'll always stay in a relationship with his family and he'll suffer the hate almost as much as me, so nope. Wouldn't do it to either of us, but just move on.

    If I love him then I'd try, but no true love has that much of a stress level - if I see it won't work, then nope...

  • It would be kind of hard, but at the end of the day, I'm dating him and not his family. My ex's family loved me.


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